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Fresh cut flowers are available 6 days a week. When available we buy from local growers.  We cater for a wide variety of requirements including handmade flower arrangements, table and grave sprays, wristlets, corsage for the women's jacket or bag, men's button holes and so much more.  Why not pop in and speak with our florist who will give you personal attention and a quotation for wedding flowers for that special day. You are always welcome to choose individual flowers that will inspire you to make up your own arrangement.

We stock a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Fill your hanging basket or container with plants that will bring colour to your life and home  Why not pick your own seeds and watch with satisfaction as your chosen vegetables or flowers grow. 

Stunning spray arrangements made to order.  Suitable for any occasion in colours that suit your special requirements 
Choose from a variety of ready made hanging baskets and planters or pick plants that may be used to create  your individual basket
A selection of indoor plants that bring a special touch to your  home 
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